RIDGEFIELD - NORINCO Mini Mauser - TU-33/40 Bolt Action .22 Rifles

£ 195 ONO
Type: Rifles
Category: Bolt Action


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This Rifle Has Now Sold (AmSid)
K98 Lookalike, Reliable, Accurate, Lightweight.
Modelled on the 98k Karabina this gun is presented in very good and above average condition and was later marketed as a Norinco Mini Mauser
The visible areas of the barrel's blueing is very good as is the area of the receiver, breech and bolt-way.
The wooden stock is deeply coloured and the grain is good with no major marks or blemishes save for a small area on the left side, forward of the barrel band's sling attachment.
The barrel has good rifling and shoots well. There is a shrouded blade foresight and a ramp rear sight graduated from 25 to 200 yards.
A 10 round (CZ) magazine is included.
Can be seen anytime by appointment in Alton, Hampshire or sent to your local RFD from £30.
UK Only - Not for export, anywhere.


  • Category: Bolt Action
  • Type: Rifles
  • Condition: Used - Good condition
  • Model: Mini Mauser - TU-33/40
  • Mechanism: Bolt Action
  • Calibre: .22
  • Certificate: Firearm - Section 1
  • Orientation: Right Handed
  • Barrel length: 20.5"
  • Overall length: 38
  • Weight: 2.9 Kg
  • Your reference: KD TFSA
  • Gun Status: Activated
  • Recommended Usage: Various

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