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Primers By CCI, Sellier & Bellot, Federal and Fiocchi

A selection of Primers for Callers Only.
Dont Forget your FAC !


  Size Make Designation Price
  Large Pistol   5,3 LP Boxer Sellier & Bellot   76.95p
x 1,000
  Large Pistol Fiocchi Primers Apparecchi D'Innesco (x600 Only) 11.90p
x 150
Small Rifle RUAG RUAG Type 4157, 4.45 mm 99.50p
Small Rifle CBC Magtech Small Rifle, # 7.5,  75.00p
  Small Rifle Sellier & Bellot 4,4 SR Boxer (x400 Only) 7.70p
Large Rifle CBC Magtech Large Rifle, #9.5 116.00p